Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual SIM - Transfer content using your Microsoft account

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Transfer content using your Microsoft account
If your old phone is a Lumia, the easiest way to transfer your contacts, calendar, and text

messages to your new Lumia phone is your Microsoft account.
Make sure that you have set up a Microsoft account on your old and on your new Lumia

1. On your old phone, make sure you back up all the content you want to move to your new

To learn more about how to back up your phone, go to, and browse

to the instructions for Windows phones.
2. On your new Lumia phone, to sign in to your Microsoft account, swipe down from the top

of the screen, tap All settings > Accounts > Your email and accounts > Sign in with

a Microsoft account instead, and follow the instructions shown on the screen.
The backed up content is automatically transferred to your new Lumia phone.

Tip: You can also transfer photos, videos, or other files from your old phone to your new

Lumia. On your old phone, add the files you want to OneDrive.

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