Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual SIM - Save or move apps to a memory card

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Save or move apps to a memory card
Expand your phone’s memory with a memory card and save your apps to the card by default.
The quality of your memory card may affect the performance of your phone greatly. To get

the best out of your phone, use a fast 4–128GB card by a well-known manufacturer. For more

information on memory cards, check the frequently asked questions.
The memory card is not supported by all phones. For availability, go to

The memory card is sold separately.
Select where you want to store your new apps
Tap Storage.

2. Under New apps will save to:, choose if you want to store your new apps to your phone

memory or memory card.
Move apps to the memory card

Tap Storage > This Device > Apps & games, tap the app you want to move, and tap

You can later move the apps back to your phone from the memory card.
The type of the memory card may affect how long it takes to move large files to the card.