Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual SIM - Chat using Skype

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Chat using Skype
You can use your phone to send Skype-to-Skype instant messages.

You need a Microsoft account to send messages using Skype.
1. Tap Messaging > .

2. Switch Send on: to Skype.

3. To add a recipient from your Skype contacts list, tap , or start writing a name.
Skype contacts connected with your Microsoft account sync automatically with your phone.
4. Tap the message box, and write your message.

5. To send the message, tap .

Tip: To save on data costs, use a Wi-Fi network connection with Skype whenever


Make a Skype call directly from a conversation

In a conversation with a Skype contact, tap to make a call, or to make a video call.

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