Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual SIM - Write a note in OneNote

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Write a note in OneNote

Notes on paper are easy to lose. Instead, jot them down with OneDrive. This way, you always

have your notes with you. You can also sync your notes to OneDrive and view and edit them

with OneNote on your phone, on your computer, or online in a web browser.
You need a Microsoft account to use OneNote.
1. Tap OneNote > .

2. Write your note.

Tip: To write the note with your voice, tap above the keyboard. When your phone

informs you it’s listening to you, say your note.

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3. To format the text, for example, change the font or add bullets, tap the icons in the toolbar

above the keyboard.

Tip: To add a link, tap > , write the text to show on the link, and add the web address.

Use Cortana to create a note

Tap and hold the search key , and say Create a note and what you want to have in the note.
Cortana is not available in all regions and languages. For information on the supported regions

and languages, go to
Add an attachment to your note

To add an attachment, tap , and browse to the file.