Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual SIM - Work with Word

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Work with Word

Polish your documents on the road with Word.
You need a Microsoft account to edit files.
Edit an existing document
Tap Word.

2. Tap

Browse, and browse to the Word file you want to edit.

3. To zoom in or out, slide your fingers apart or together.

4. To see the page breaks on your document, tap . To go back to the full screen view, tap


Word saves your files automatically, so you don’t have to do it. You can find your files on


Tip: If you want to save the document on your phone, tap > Save, choose the location

for the file, tap , write a name for the file, and tap .

Create a new document

Tap Word > New.
Search for text in a document

With the file open, tap at the top of the screen, and write your search word. To go to the

next or previous match in the document, tap or . For advanced search options, tap .
Insert a table, picture, or other item to the document

With the file open, tap the place where you want to add the item, then tap > > Insert

and the option you want.
Change the font or formatting

With the file open, tap > > Home and the option you want.

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