Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual SIM - Work with Excel

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Work with Excel

No need to travel to the office to check the latest figures. With Excel, you can edit your

spreadsheets, create new ones, and share your work on a SharePoint site.
You need a Microsoft account to edit files.
Edit an existing Excel document
Tap Excel.

2. Tap

Browse, and browse to the Excel file you want to edit.

3. To switch to another sheet tab, tap the sheet name at the bottom.

4. To add a new sheet, tap .

Tip: To change the name or color of the new sheet, tap the sheet name.

Excel saves your files automatically, so you don’t have to do it. You can find your files on


Tip: If you want to save the workbook on your phone, tap > Save, choose the location

for the file, tap , write a name for the file, and tap .

Create a new workbook

Tap Excel > New.
Add a row or column

With the file open, tap the row or column header and Insert.

Tip: To move a row or column, tap and hold the row or column header, and drag it to

the new location. You can also cut, copy, clear, delete, or hide rows and columns. Tap

the header and the option you want.

Add a comment to a cell

With the file open, tap > > Review > Comment, write your comment, and tap


Tip: To show all the comments on the sheet, tap Show Comments.

Apply a filter to cells

With the file open, tap > > Home > , and the options you want.
Format cell content and borders

Tap the cell, and tap > > Home and the option you want.