Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual SIM - Play a video

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Play a video
Have your favorite media with you while on the move – watch videos wherever you are.
1. Tap Movies & TV > > Videos.

2. Tap the video you want to play.
Pause or resume playback

Tap or .
Fast-forward or rewind

Drag the slider left or right.
Watch a video in full screen

Tap . If the video is in a different aspect ratio than the phone’s screen, it is cropped to fit

the screen.
Hide the navigation bar during playback

If it’s possible to hide the navigation bar in your phone, to hide it and make the video wider,

tap . To show the navigation bar again, tap . Hiding the navigation bar is not supported

by all phones. For availability, go to
Loop your video

Tap .
Watch more movies

You can also buy or rent movies and television shows directly from your phone. Tap Store >

Movies & TV, and browse for what you feel like watching.
You can only watch the rented video within the given viewing period.