Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual SIM - Pick the best exposure with bracketing

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Pick the best exposure with bracketing
If the lighting conditions are challenging, use bracketing mode to capture several photos at

once with different exposure settings. Then you can choose the best shot among them.
When exposure bracketing is used, the camera takes several photos at once, some of them

brighter, some darker. This improves your chances of capturing a great photo if the lighting

conditions are challenging. You can choose how many photos your camera takes and how

large the exposure value steps are between the photos.
1. Tap Camera > > Bracketing.

2. To select how many bracketed photos you want to take, tap Number of photos to take.

3. To select how large the exposure value steps are, tap Exposure range.

4. Tap .
The photos you take from now on are taken in bracketing mode.
5. To take the photos, tap .
The camera takes the selected number of photos which are saved separately in Photos.
Turn bracketing mode off

Tap Camera > > Bracketing > .

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