Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual SIM - Cortana voice assistant

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Cortana voice assistant
Keep your busy life in check – Cortana is your personal assistant on your phone, only a word

Cortana is not available in all regions and languages. For information on the supported regions

and languages, go to
Make sure that your phone and speech language match and are supported by Cortana. If the

Cortana language is not supported in your region, try changing the regional settings. For

example, if your phone and speech language is Italian, set Italy as the region.
Cortana can help you:
• Schedule a meeting
• Set a reminder for an important task
• Send automatic replies for callers when you don’t want to be disturbed
• Send email
• Check your location
• Search the web and your cloud storage
• Get up-to-date traffic and weather information, and much more
You can do all this using your voice, with only a minimum of fiddling with the touch screen

to distract you from other activities.
You need a Microsoft account to use Cortana.

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